1 May 2017



Krystyna Skarbek Memorial – Ognisko Polskie, London

9 May 2017

My new portrait of Krystyna Skarbek, Britain’s first female special agent of WW2, will be unveiled at Ognisko Polskie, the Polish Hearth Club, on 9 May. This will be the first memorial to Skarbek, who was also the inspiring subject of Clare Mulley‘s last book, The Spy Who Loved.


18 January 2017

e-Luminate Cambridge

Fri 10 – Wed 15 February 2017

Showing new work in collaboration with Susie Olczak as part of the e-luminate Festival in Cambridge in February.

6 January 2017

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

Fri 10 – Wed 15 February 2017

e-Luminate Cambridge is a contemporary arts festival for a city at the forefront of technological research, offering the opportunity for residents and visitors to discover the richness and diversity of the city’s iconic buildings and public spaces in a new light.

Festival Director Alessandra Caggiano is curating the 2017 Festival with Pat Kane, a writer, curator and researcher.

Ian Wolter’s The View from Here, a very large, kinetic light-work and performance sculpture, will be performed in Cambridge for the first time.


14 October 2016



‘GLOW’ at Eastbury Manor House, Upney, East London

Friday and Saturday November 25-26th 2016,  from 5pm- 10pm GLOW will include a major new kinetic work by Ian Wolter




31 March 2016


‘Not A Champagne Life’ at Hundred Years Gallery, London

Thursday 21 April to Sunday 1 May 2016


With a nod to the recent all-female exhibition in a male-run corporate space, Not a Champagne Life brings together the works of three emerging artists in a female-run independent gallery, and addresses the subjects of social order, gender equality and freedom of speech.

Not a Champagne Life features three-dimensional works by Emma Elliott, Penelope Harrall and Ian Wolter, and makes reference to the luxury lifestyles enjoyed by a privileged minority compared to the increasing burden of austerity on the majority of people.

The selected works combine strong figurative and symbolic elements with performance, sound and movement while commenting on the hidden metaphor of each respective medium: Ian Wolter’s busts implying status and authority; the assumption of aesthetic beauty in bronze as illustrated by Emma Elliott; while the items of feminine care at the core of Penelope Harrall’s work are generally expected to be hidden from view.

The launch event and private view on 21 April will include a live performance by Penelope Harrall, and the exhibition will be closing with a panel discussion on the artists’ respective approach to themes of social and political relevance on May Day, a date of pre-Christian significance more recently observed as Labour Day across the world.

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19 March 2016

Version 2

Ian Wolter announced winner of ‘Video Art and Performance’ category in this year’s Arte Laguna’s Art Prize

Ian Wolter’s choral performance The Holy See Gets It recognised for “his ability to analyze and deal with a current social issue in an original and brilliant way. The performance ‘The Holy See Gets It’ turns out to be a complete research work in every aspect: the music, the text, the critical use of a sacred element.”

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October 2015


‘ShowTime!’ at Art Language Location, Cambridge

Saturday 17 October 2015

Ian Wolter to present new choral work at one-day festival.

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Ian Wolter is a UK-based artist located in London and Cambridge. For more information regarding, collaborations and exhibitions: