The Ectoplasm of Self-Delusion

Steel/ resin/ expanding foam/ petroleum jelly/ electric motors, 2m x 1.5m x 1.7m, 2016

The Ectoplasm of Self-Delusion addresses many business leaders’ mistaken belief that their success has been the result of just their own capability, ignoring both their advantages and others’ disadvantages. As white middle aged men, they are first amongst unequals. Spouting hubris akin to Sir Alan Duncan’s recent condemnation of those lacking wealth as low achievers, some seek to augment and immortalise themselves by having their likeness captured in bronze busts.

The Ectoplasm of Self-Delusion was first shown as part of a group show at The Hundred Years Gallery in East London in Spring 2016 and won the RomArt Sculpture Prize in 2017.

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