The View from Here


The View from Here is a very large, kinetic sculpture. It addresses the growing belief that humans will step beyond Earth at a point which, thanks to Spacex and others’ developing plans, no longer seems to be distant. I’m interested in the extent to which this effects our deep belief in the imperative to indefinitely sustain life on Earth.  The work also poses questions about our characteristics as a species at this approaching moment.

The View From Here comprises a very large, orrery, a working model of the solar system (with a diameter of over 10m and height of over 5m) which is human ‘powered’. It appears to have been made from found objects: parts of bicycles, boats and ladders etc. The sun, planets and moons are all illuminated beach balls. And all Earth.

 Steel/ wood/ found objects/ torches/ beach balls, 10m x10m x 5m, 2016

About Ian Wolter

Ian Wolter is an award winning artist and sculptor. His public works include Safe Haven, the memorial to the Kindertransport, in Harwich and the Children of Calais in Saffron Walden. He’s the recipient of the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice), RomArt Sculpture Prize (Rome) and the Sustainability Art Prize (UK).